Panchamirtham 2008

The story begins at Ravana’s (Prakashraj) abode and the time of Ramayana when he orders his uncle Mareesan (Jayaram) to transform into a deer to abduct Seetha. Mareesan argues with Ravana but finally complies since Idumba (Raju Eswaran) and Ravana threaten the life of Mareesan’s lover (Samiksha). Finally the said thing happens and Mareesan gets struck by the arrow by lord Rama, he becomes a rock but not before he transforms Idumba into an anklet and wears it on his leg. Times change and the modern day comes. Rajaram (Nasser) is a very rich man who owns tea estates and he has Seetha (Saranya Mohan) as his dietitian and Sri Rama (Arvind Akash) as the cook. Both Rama and Seetha are in love, on the other hand Rajaram’s relatives (M. S. Bhaskar and Mayilsamy) plan a plot to take the property. In this process, they end up planning to kill Seetha by pushing her from a mountain top. Seetha falls directly on the rock idol of Mareesan and he gets his human form. At the same time, his anklet falls off and is eaten by a fish. That fish is caught by fisherman Manickam (Nasser again) and Idumba gets his human form. The age old enmity crops up and while Mareesan vows to protect Seetha, Idumba plans to help Manickam get Rajaram’s property as half brother. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.. – Watch it in HD only on!