Moovendar 1998

Manimaran (Sarath Kumar), his father Poochi (S. V. Ramadas), and his grandfather Nagappan (M. N. Nambiar) are short-tempered persons who beat the villagers for a simple quarrel. Only, Manimaran’s mother, Sivagami (Lakshmi) can control them. Uma (Rajeswari), Manimaran’s sister, gets married to a man of another village. Manimaran falls in love with Vaidehi (Devayani), a Brahmin girl, and gets married to her without her permission. In a fight against Manimaran, the antagonist becomes blind in one eye and decides to take revenge on Manimaran. When Manimaran drives his pregnant sister, the antagonist stops him but Manimaran beats the antagonist and his henchmen. Uma comes too late at the hospital and dies with her baby. Vaidehi leaves their house because of her husband’s behaviour who brings Uma’s death. Manimaran changes his behaviour and tries to convince Vaidehi to come back home. – Watch it in HD only on!

Genre: Comedy


Actors: ,


Quality: HQ