Muni 2007

Ganesh (Raghava Lawrence), a young man with a deep fear of ghosts who refuses go out after 6PM, moves into a new house with his mother (Kovai Sarala), father (Vinu Chakravarthy), and wife Priya (Vedhicka). All of a sudden, Ganesh gets possessed by a ghost and starts behaving in a rude manner; his family could not understand his behavior, so they seek the help of a priest Andaiyar (Nassar). Andaiyar asks the ghost about his whereabouts. The ghost says he is Muniyaandi (Rajkiran) and starts saying his flashback. Muni was a kindhearted, poor man living in the slums with his daughter and other people. His friend is MLA Marakka Dhandapani (Dhandapani), who uses Muni to make him win in elections and promises he would give lands to the poor villagers. Dhandapani wins the election but cheats Muni. Muni fights with Dhandapani, but Dhandapani kills him and his daughter. Dhandapani lies to the poor people, saying Muni and his daughter fled with the money he had given Muni for the welfare of the village residents. Ganesh enters Dhandapani’s household and terrorizes him and his assistants. Dhandapani comes to know that Muni’s spirit resides in Ganesh’s body, so he gets a shaman Mastan Bai (Rahul Dev) to save his life. Bhai bargains with Muni, who agrees to let Dhandapani go if he repents and helps the poor villagers. In the climax, at Ayyanaar temple, Dhandapani confesses to the people that he killed Muni and his daughter. He then leaves money with the villagers. Muni talks with the people and eats the feast prepared by them. Bhai tells Muni to leave Ganesh’s body, and he does. However, Dhandapani lied and was planning to get back all his money from the villagers. Ganesh, upon hearing this, kills Dhandapani. Bhai sees this act but does nothing, as he sees the injustice done by Dhandapani. – Watch it in HD only on!

Quality: HQ


IMDb: 6.3