Easan 2010

The story begins with a pub dance where girls and boys enjoy themselves to the fullest in a much spoilt way which leads to verbal Eve teasing and results in a girl’s death. Sangayya IPS (Samudrakani), assistant commissioner of police of the area, is forced to revoke the case because of Chezhiyan’s (Vaibhav Reddy) influence. Chezhiyan with his rich and corrupt father’s Deiva Nayagam MLA (A. L. Alagappan),the State minister for Forests and Agri, would bail them out even if he and his friends commit multiple murders. Chezhiyan falls in love with a girl named Reshma, (Aparna) daughter of a karnataka-based businessman (largely inspired from Vijay Mallya). There are some political dramas that happens before the families agree to their marriage. Sangayya has been used in this political drama. He gets furious after learning this, but his hands are tied by the commissioner of police. When Chezhiyan is mysteriously kidnapped and beaten up by an unknown character, Sangayya starts an unofficial investigation upon request of the commisssioner. Sangayya solves the case and comes to know that a XI grade student named Easan is responsible. – Watch it in HD only on TamilPlay.to!

Genre: Drama


Actors: , ,


Quality: HQ


IMDb: 6.5