Avvai Shanmugi 1996

The film starts in a courtroom where a woman Janaki (Meena) is fighting for divorce from her husband Pandian (Kamal Haasan). She offers various reasons for wanting a divorce. She has married Pandian against the wishes of her rich father Vishwanathan Iyer (Gemini Ganesan). But she isn’t able to come to terms with living in Pandian’s small house without amenities. Pandian is an assistant dance director with a modest income and is not able to spend much time with the family. All this accumulates and Janaki decides to apply for divorce, which is granted. The court orders that Pandian can meet his daughter Barathi, once a week and this is his only solace. His daughter, however, loves him a lot and doesn’t like the arrangement. Basha (Nassar), Pandian’s Muslim friend who works in a hotel as a chef, advises him to steal his daughter from Janaki. Pandian goes about trying to do as his friend suggests. In doing so, he is discovered; and now he cannot meet her at all. Then Pandian finds out that Vishwanathan Iyer has advertised for a woman to look after his granddaughter. Joseph (Nagesh) is a makeup man in films. In conversation with him, Pandian gets the idea of playing an old woman, so that he can be with his child and ex-wife without knowing them. Joseph agrees to this plan and the transformation is done from Pandian to “Avvai Shanmugi”– (also Kamal Haasan) a dignified, elderly Iyer woman, who is hired to take care of the little girl. – Watch it in HD only on TamilPlay.to!

Quality: HQ


IMDb: 7.9