Vanavarayan Vallavarayan 2014

Vanavarayan (Krishna Kulasekaran) and Vallavarayan (Ma Ka Pa Anand) are two brothers and carefree youngsters. One day, Vanavarayan meets Anjali (Monal Gajjar) in a marriage and falls in love with her. In the beginning, she rejects him. Vanavarayan follows her, and she accepts his love. Their love journey goes well, until one day when they travel to Pazhani. Anjali with her lover is seen by her drunkard uncle. After this incident, Anjali’s family arranges her marriage with a wealthy man Suresh (Santhanam). Anjali breaks down and secretly meets Vanavarayan, but the family mistakes them as they are running away. Anjali’s brother (S. P. B. Charan) beats Vanavarayan. On hearing this incident, Vallavarayan, in a drunken state, pulls Anjali’s father (Jayaprakash) from her house, beats him, and tears his clothes before the public. This makes Anjali hate Vanavarayan and insists he throw away his relation with Vallavarayan, then only she will marry him. Vanavarayan says that his brother is important to him than her and starts to ignore her. Vallavarayan finds that Vanavarayan is unable to forget Anjali, so he plans to reunite Vanavarayan with Anjali, but all plans go in vain. How Vanavarayan unites the pair and if Vanavarayan sacrifices his relation with his brother for his love for Anjali is the rest of the story. – Watch it in HD only on!

Quality: HQ


IMDb: 5