Puriyatha Puthir 2017

A woman stands in the terrace calling someone from her mobile, apologizing, and then jumping from a building.
Fast-forward in time by a few years: An aspiring music director Kathir and his friends Vinod and DJ are in a pub. Vinod and DJ are desperate about videos of women. On the way to his music shop, Kathir finds a woman writing her name “Meera” in the drenched window of a bus, and both of them smile at each other. Meera orders for a red violin which she wants to be delivered to her home. Kathir delivers it, and both become friends. They take their relationship to a further level, becoming lovers. Meanwhile, Vinod is sacked from his job when photos of him with his boss’s wife go viral online. He hangs himself due to the humiliation he faced. Kathir finds a video of Meera changing her dress in a shop’s trial room, so he rushes to the shop and tells her about her video. – Watch it in HD only on TamilPlay.to!

Quality: HQ


IMDb: 6.6