Oru Kalluriyin Kathai 2005

Satya (Arya) planned to meet his friends after five years of leaving college. Unfortunately, his father comes only to inform that Satya is in a coma. In a psycho test conducted by his doctor (Charuhasan), Satya reveals some of the incidents that happened in the early years of his college life. He is in love with Jothi (Sonia Agarwal), who soon entered the same college he studies, but he never confesses his love to her, and it lasted until the farewell day as he heard Jothi advising her friend about this. Satya’s friends decided to follow a treatment which will help Satya wake up from the coma. When they search for Jothi at her house, it was found out that she is already engaged. The group of students then turned their modern college to an old college as it was in the year 2000. Satya was brought here and began to believe that it was the same time he studied there and fell in love with Jothi. He waits till the farewell day. On the night before the farewell day, he found out that the current situation he is facing is not the real one, and he realizes that it is 2005. he began to remember what happened on the farewell day. Satya waits for Jothi outside a temple to confess his love when someone hits his head. He wakes up and comes back to the present day. On the last day, his friends forced him to propose to Jothi. Satya then talks to Jothi and then walks away, but suddenly, Jothi comes running towards him and tells him that she needs him and regrets why she wasted five years not knowing his love for her. They then hugged each other as the college students cheered them. – Watch it in HD only on TamilPlay.to!

Genre: Romance


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Quality: HQ


IMDb: 5.4