Mosakutty 2014

Mosakutty an orphan and uneducated involves himself in highway robbery along with his close aide Sendru. A local bigwig Virumandi misuses Mosakutty right from his young age for his personal gains and takes away the booty and pay the latter only pittance. Meanwhile, a certain unexpected incident leads Kayal, the only daughter of Virumandi who is a student of a local college fall for Mosakutty. However, as expected this didn’t go well with Virumandi who tries to kill Mosakutty through his henchmen. But he survives and when he returns to the village, he could not find Kayal at her place. The rest is whether Mosakutty succeeds in his search for his lover or not. – Watch it in HD only on!

Genre: Drama


Actors: ,


Quality: HQ