Ninaithale Inikkum 2009

Shiva (Prithviraj Sukumaran) is an energetic, enthusiastic college student. Being short-tempered, he gets easily provoked by the rich, proud Vasu (Karthik Kumar) and his sneering attitude. From glares and snarls to punches and fights, Vasu and Shiva do it all, even for unreasonable, petty things. Shakthi (Shakthi Vasudevan) stops their quarrels before they injure each other very badly. As he is friendly, kindhearted and cool-headed, Shakthi tries to bring Shiva and Vasu together on friendly terms, but in vain. Shiva, Shakthi, and their faithful friend Bala (Vishnu Priyan) stay together through thick and thin, and are always ready to voice out their views on behalf of the hostelites in the college. Shakthi’s father (Bhagyaraj) often visits his son in the hostel and is like a father to all of Shakthi’s friends. Meera (Priyamani), the daughter of an MLA, nurtures a soft corner for Shiva. She is brave enough to stand up to him and check him when he throws unnecessary tantrums. Shalini (Anuja Iyer), Meera’s friend, is a shy, reserved Muslim girl from a very strict family background. She is often preoccupied with her own thoughts. Karthik (Lollu Sabha Jeeva) is a total showoff who tries to humiliate Shiva and Shakthi, but ends up making a fool of himself. – Watch it in HD only on!