Bale Pandiya 2010

Contract killer AKP (R. Amarendran) and his two sidekicks (one of which is a driver that does a full 360-degree flip from the car window and opens the door, allowing AKP to exit from the passenger seat) arrive at a club. The group walks into the club and starts showing their power before reaching their table. A finger with a ring is placed on the table. Pandian (Vishnu Vishal) considers himself unlucky. All his efforts to come up in life end on wrong side. He approaches AKP and urges to kill him. A shocked AKP is initially hesitant. Soon, he decides to give him some time. Hence, he gives Pandian some money and entrusts him with a job of turning a human bomb, a job that he should execute within 20 days. Life changes for Pandian after he meets Vaishnavi (Piaa Bajpai). They fall in love with each other. When Pandian decides to go tell AKP that he would rather prefer to live, he gets a rude shock: AKP and his men are found murdered. The blame falls on Pandian. Meanwhile, Vaishnavi gets kidnapped by a gang for a big deal. It is chaos and confusion everywhere, before Pandian sets things right. – Watch it in HD only on!

Quality: HQ


IMDb: 5.6