Ayyanar 2010

Prabha (Aadhi) is the eldest son of his family who does nothing but spend all his time with his friends. He is chided by his father (Jayaprakash) for that. Being a volleyball player comes to his rescue as he finds a part-time job as a volleyball coach in a women’s college. His younger brother works in a TV channel, and Prabha is often compared to him by the family, which incurs his wrath. The siblings cross swords with each other. One day, the younger brother is killed, and the blame falls on Prabha. He is on the run and soon joins a goonda working as a henchman to an influential politician (Mahadevan). Prabha goes on a killing spree, killing one by one in the gang. Finally, a flashback reveals that they were the reason for his brother’s death. – Watch it in HD only on TamilPlay.to!

Genre: ActionDrama


Actors: , ,


Quality: HQ


IMDb: 3.8