Aravindhan 1997

Aravindhan (Sarath Kumar) is the police high post by exam clearing. But after he sees his friend Thamizhvannan (Parthiban) (shown as a Naxalite) die by police shooting, Aravindhan starts a fight against police and corrupt politicians. Aravindhan gets supported by the people for his strict fight against corruption. Anu (Nagma) loves Aravindhan, but her father does not accept the relation. The police wants to put Aravindhan in jail for the politicians, so Aravindhan goes into hiding. On the way, he hides in Gayathri (Oorvasi) home. The police tries to catch Aravindhan but at the same time, thinks Gayathri tried to give shelter to Aravindhan, so Gayathri’s father dies. Now Aravindhan understands that he has to save Gayathri, so he takes her with him to a factory area to stay. Aravindhan works in the factory and life goes along smooth for him as he marries Gayathri and has a child. Once in factory, the manager does not give fair price to the workers, which Aravindhan protests, so he beats the manager very poorly. The factory people now identifies Aravindhan’s true identity as a Naxalite. The police comes in search of Aravindhan, who finally surrenders in court. In jail, Aravindhan writes lot of anti-corruption articles. This gives Aravindhan wide public support to get elected as a minister. The corrupt politicians want to avoid this uprising and hire a gunman to shoot Aravindhan. During a stage speaking with lots of people around, the gunman shoots and kills Aravindhan, thus ending him from becoming minister. – Watch it in HD only on!

Genre: Drama


Actors: , ,


Quality: HQ


IMDb: 4.8