Aanandham 2001

Thirupathisamy (Mammootty) owns a provisional store and is the eldest among four brothers, and all live together in a home along with their parents (Delhi Ganesh and Srividya). Thirupathi is widely respected by everyone in the family and was responsible for bringing back their family to a good state after financial troubles a few years back. He gets married to Bharathi (Devayani), who is a lot more responsible and kind to everyone. Madhavan (Murali) is the second son in the family who assists Thirupathi in managing their provisional store. He is innocent and gets married to his relative Renuka (Rambha), but she is short-tempered and picks up quarrels often. Kannan (Abbas) is the third son in the family, and he goes to college where he falls for his classmate Viji (Sneha). Viji is the only daughter of a rich arrogant man (Vijayakumar). Surya (Shyam Ganesh) is the youngest son and studies in college. – Watch it in HD only on TamilPlay.to!

Quality: HQ


IMDb: 7