Kaakkai Siraginile 2000

Vellaisamy (Parthiban) is an orphan who was brought up by a Brahmin couple Sambasiva Iyer (K.Vishwanath) and Savithri (Lakshmi). Vellaisamy is very loyal and attached to the old couple. They also look after Vellaisamy as their own son. Gayatri (Preetha Vijayakumar) is the only daughter of Sambasiva Iyer and Savithri who returns from the city after completing her education. Vellaisamy is very much attached to Gayatri also and he looks after her as a kid. Kanmani (Manasa) is a local worker who develops affection over Vellaisamy impressed by his good nature. Suddenly, Savithri passes away due to cardiac arrest. Sambasiva Iyer is terribly shocked after his wife’s death and Vellaisamy takes care of Iyer. Meanwhile, the villagers talk ill about the relationship between Vellaisamy and Gayatri. At one instant, even Iyer gets angry hearing on the comments made by the public. Later, Iyer understands the pure bonding shared between Vellaisamy and Gayatri. He feels bad for doubting them and he also passes away suddenly. Gayatri is left alone following her parents’ death and Vellaisamy decides to take care of her until she gets married. Vellaisamy takes the responsibility of getting married Gayatri to the person she likes. He approaches Visu, a judge with a marriage proposal between Gayatri and Visu’s son. Visu is also interested in the proposal as he is surprised to see a person who takes all the effort to get someone married who is not related to him. But on the day of marriage, a few people come to the wedding hall and make some bad comments about Vellaisamy and Gayatri. – Watch it in HD only on TamilPlay.to!

Genre: Drama


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Quality: HQ


IMDb: 4.0