Honest Raj 1994

‘Honest’ Raj (Vijayakanth), a police officer in coma for four years, wakes up suddenly. Abhinaya (Gouthami), a newly appointed doctor, saves him from a killer with the help of Raj’s assistant Velu (Senthil).
In the past, Raj lived with his mother Maragatham (Manorama) and took the IPS exam. They shifted to their relative’s house in a village. Pushpa (Aamani), a village girl, fell in love with Raj. Raj’s best friend Bharatha (Devan) attempted to suicide after his father’s creditors pressured him. Raj saved him, and Bharatha lent his printing press company to Pazhani. Raj and Pushpa got married, and he passed the IPS exam successfully. Bharatha found counterfeit money in his factory and started an illegal business with Pazhani. Bharatha then became rich and killed his partners. – Watch it in HD only on TamilPlay.to!