Ainthu Ainthu Ainthu 2013

Aravind (Bharath) had met with a terrible accident seven months ago that left him physically and emotionally scarred. He is currently living with his elder brother Gopal (Santhanam) and is being treated for some psychotic disorder. Aravind claims that during the accident, his girlfriend Liyana (Mrithika) was with him and she died. The strange thing is that such a girl does not seem to exist at all. No one has seen or heard of her; she does not appear in the student list in her college or even the census reports. She is not mentioned in the newspaper reports of the accident either, and some strangers are occupying her home. The psychiatrist is of the opinion that Liyana is a figment of Aravind’s imagination and exists only in his mind. Unable to convince Gopal of her existence, Aravind tries to get on with his life by going back to work. Here he meets Manjari (Erica Fernandes), a colleague in a software company called Paayal Infotech which is owned by Chitranjan (Sudesh Berry). She sympathises with him and tries to help find some clue to Liyana’s identity. Despite all evidence against Liyana’s existence, memories of her and their love continue to haunt Aravind. Fortunately for him, a chance meeting with Liyana’s aunt (Lakshmi) sets the ball rolling. After that, things begin to unravel. Aravind finds out that he is being tortured by Chitranjan. The reason for doing this is that Liyana happens to be a splitting image of Chitranjan’s own dead lover called Payal so in order to marry her, Chitranjan made a plan to torture Aravind by involving Manjari in this game, and Gopal gets killed in this mayhem. Aravind shoots Manjari. Chitranjan narrates that the doctor (T. V. Rathnavelu) was a fake person set up by him to fool Aravind and also threatened Gopal to pretend ignorance about Liyana. The doctor tortures Aravind with a planned shock treatment to make him go insane, but he is completely healthy, kills the doctor and Chitranjan, and unites with Liyana, who is alive. – Watch it in HD only on!

Quality: HQ


IMDb: 5.6