Vishwaroopam 2 2018

A prequel and sequel to Vishwaroopam,[13] RAW Agent Major Wisam Ahmad Kashmiri is given the task to eliminate Al-Qaeda terrorist Omar Qureshi and his fellow jihadis, who plan to attack New York City.[14]
Wisam and his team travel to the UK to perform final rites of their colleague Dawkins. Nirupama gets jealous of Ashmita’s closeness with Wisam and asks her how both are related. Wisam recalls his days in Indian Army where he finds young, enthusiastic and brave young lady officer Ashmita in a parade and award ceremony. Wisam and Colonel Jagannath together finalize Ashmita for their project and she is trained by Wisam. Wisam was chosen for the mission as he is an illegitimate son of a Pakistani and his mother is an Indian woman. Wisam and Ashmita create an impression that she is raped by him and Wisam is jailed for 10 years for having an affair with an army woman failing to his duties. Wisam is imprisoned but subsequently escapes from the prison with the help of Colonel Jagannath. Wisam is now stamped as a wanted terrorist and he along with Lieutenant Roy alias Imtiaz set for their mission to join Omar’s terrorist group.
Coming back to current, Wisam, Nirupama, Ashmita and Jagannath are received by Goswami, their fellow army officer, under the instructions of his superior Eshwar Iyer. On their way in the car to handover Dawkins’ mortal remains to his family, they are attacked by a group of terrorists and their car gets into a fatal accident. While Nirupama, Ashmita and Jagannath are trapped in the car, Wisam is thrown out. Wisam and his team are further tracked down by a terrorist and he engages in a duel to stop him and subsequently kills him. Goswami succumbs to the accident and dies happily seeing his enemy’s face which used to be his wish as an army officer. – Watch it in HD only on!

Quality: HQ


IMDb: 6.1