Veruli 2017

VERULI, as the name indicates scarecrow, the director of the film Amudhavanan throws a sequence of incidents that confuses Ashwin( Abishek) as real accidents. The events and evidence also scares the situation. Series of same events makes Ashwin to think in another angle leading to conclusion. With the help and advice from his peers Ashwin makes youthful activities in twisting the reason. Reporter (Archana Singh)paves way for the investigation in her perception along with her cameraman Shankar(Jayachandran)in a presentable humour. A sequence of humourous facts in between turns the film towards (K.Bhakiyaraj) who narrates the situation and justifies the reason and helps in breaking the suspense. – Watch it in HD only on!

Genre: ActionThriller


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Quality: HQ