Vellithirai 2008

When Saravanan goes to Hyderabad, Kanniah plagiarizes his script and pitches it to a producer, under the condition that he has to play the hero in the film. Impressed by the script, the producer agrees to the condition. The movie turns Kanniah, now rechristened Dilipkanth, into a star. Saravanan does not give up and creates another story. However, he finds out he cannot make his film unless Dilipkanth plays the hero. Because of this, they lead into minor problems, which annoy Saravanan and their team. The shooting starts with Dilipkanth as the hero but is halted midway, owing to various tantrums thrown by the new opportunistic hero. Determined to finish the movie, Saravanan seeks the help of his crew and friends in the cinema industry. Unknown to Dilipkanth, Saravanan and his crew manipulate him into situations that match the storyline of the movie they are shooting for, and capture Dilipkanth’s live reactions. They manage to fool Dilipkanth and finish shooting the climax of the film even as the self claimed new star makes a fool of himself. A few days later, he is invited to watch the premiere of the movie and is shocked to see the recent events of his life unfold on the silver screen. He soon realizes the effort put in by Saravanan and crew and feels humbled. He genuinely acknowledges the talent of the director and leaves the place, apologizing to Saravanan for his pathetic behavior and agreeing that Saravanan is better than him in a very mannered way. – Watch it in HD only on!

Genre: Drama


Actors: , ,


Quality: HQ


IMDb: 7.8