Vaamanan 2009

Anand (Jai) is a young, carefree man from Salem who comes to Chennai to stay with his TV journalist friend Chandru (Santhanam) to pursue his dream to become an actor with the help of his girlfriend Divya (Priya Anand) and Chandru. Meanwhile, Minister Viduthalai (Delhi Ganesh), who was touted to become the next chief minister, is killed by Minister Anbu Chezhiyan (Sampath Raj), which gets recorded on tape of an ad film director Vinoth. Anand befriends a famous model Pooja (Lakshmi Rai). They both see the video and inform Commissioner Kailasam (Thalaivasal Vijay). Kailasam sends goons to get the tape, and Vinoth evades. After a long chase, Vinoth gets killed in the train where Anand and Divya were travelling. Anand places the tape into Divya’s bag and develops a friendship with her. In an urge to become an actor, he observes the character of people with a strange attitude, and one such person is John Vijay (Rahman). Anand joins John, and he promises to make him an actor. John takes Anand to a stranger’s home and does things as if they were thieves. One such house was that of Pooja, where they go and get information regarding her. On that eve, Anand befriends Pooja when he saves her when she was laid in a pool of blood after being attacked by goons. She helps him become an actor and asks some photos of his to get him a chance. When Anand goes to Pooja’s home, he finds her dead and is put to blame. Anand goes underground, mistaken by Divya and her mother (Urvashi). – Watch it in HD only on!

Genre: Action


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Quality: HQ


IMDb: 4.6