Shenbaga Kottai 2016

The film starts showing prince romantically watching chempakam bathing with her friends on a pond. Suddenly war comes where the prince gets defeated. Prince to escape from capture come to chempakam residing area. Chempakam who loves the prince tells the prince cannot be captured by anyone as long she is there because she has some special powers and then cuts her throat. From there the Chempakakotai area who ever enters will be killed by a supernatural power. The film scene shifts to Sathyajith with his wife and daughter enter their house. Satyajith (Jayaram) is a wealthy businessman who is haunted by some visions. On his psychiatrist’s advice, he meets a yogi (Om Puri). The yogi tells him that the property, Chempakakottai, which he bought 2 years ago, is the reason for his visions and that some spirits are waiting to take revenge against him by killing his family and friends. He also says that soil taken from four corners of the kottai should be brought to him. Satyajith sends his friend to take the soil. Although his friend who does not believe in ghosts manages to get the soil, he is brutally beaten up and put in the ICU. Satyajith takes the soil to the yogi who puts it with some statues and does some karmas in three bags. He tells Satyajith to take the two bags to a priest and a musalyar while the third one is left with him.Later, the yogi asks him to stay in the house before the next full moon, 13 days from then as the spirit gets full powers on that day. The yogi gives them a raksha to be buried in front of the house. Satyajith and his friends go there. Satyajith and his friends previously was involved in attracting pregnant ladies with advertising their babies will be skillful by birth like abhimanyu who learned tackling Padmavyuham from Lord Sreekrishna while in Subadras womb. Now after gathering lot of money they go stay in Chempakakotai. There one day Satyajith friends drink alcohol which Malli, the daughter of Mathangi objects but drinking is continued. For this the friends are tied onto a tree showing Mathangi power. Mathangi tells Satyajith nobody can take away their place and goes off to their house. Sathyajith shows himself getting attracted to Mathangi. One day aadhishwaran comes to take away the child to make Mathangi obey his wishes, but Sathyajith fights and drives them away. Day by day Sathyajith shows good toys to mallie who likes Satyajith very much. Satyajith tells that he is ready to marry Mathangi when on one day Mathangi tells not to cheat her child by showing love. Then marriage happens. In the Chempakakotai Mathangi waits for first night with Sathyajith, after sleeping mallie. But aadhishwaran comes telling there was a deal for which Sathyajith wants to take away the fort with aadhishwaran help in exchange for Mathangi. Aadhishwaran tries to sex but Mathangi runs away with Malli. Aadhishwaran searches for Mathangi but couldn’t find. Then Satyajith comes with his friends and locks the Chempakakotai doors and puts fire at Mathangi house. For this Sathyajith gets lot of money from minister. That night Sathyajith and his friends tries to celebrate with drinks but Sathyajith gets sad as he now feel he shouldn’t have cheated Mathangi. Next day Sathyajith ask aadhishwaran for Mathangi , who tells she ran away. Scene shifts to inside Chempakakotai where days have passed with Mathangi and Malli trapped inside without food and water. Malli falls down and start becoming weak and immobile. Now one day Sathyajith comes to Chempakakotai in search for Mathangi. Foul smell comes from the kotai. He breaks the door lock and go inside and finds Malli dead and darkened with Mathangi sitting close immobile. Sathyajith digs grave, while this time aadhishwaran comes and tells he will dig the grave as he only loved Mathangi but Sathyajith never loved Mathangi. Scene shifts now to Sathyajith residential house where his wife and daughter live. Meanwhile, the ghost kills one friend of Sathyajith by turning down the car with collision and explosion. Now Sathyajith and his family started live in Chempakakotai. His daughter starts get possessed by Malli who comes as a ghost. For this yogi tells only her mother Mathangi can calm Malli to prevent possessed. And that Mathangi is still alive. Sathyajith and his wife goes to aadhishwaran house for Mathangi. Here fight happen when aadhishwaran don’t want Mathangi to be taken away. Aadhishwaran tells Mathangi is tied because she is mad. Sathyajith accuses muthu for telling lies regarding Mathangi. Mathangi is shown tied like a mental but tells Satyajith that she acted mental and waited till this time of hope to meet Satyajith to ask why he cheated her and Malli. Mathangi finally agrees to come when Sathyajith wife tells her child is innocent for the cheating from Sathyajith. Now at Chempakakotai upon seeing Mathangi ,Malli tells she wants to revenge as she was cheated and died very badly .now a yaga with full swamy around start mantras. Mathangi takes the plate in which bone pieces of Malli is put,and puts it in fire. Mathangi dies there itself. Now Sathyajith is safe as his child now normal with his wife. Film end showing Mathangi and Malli spirit together ascend up to sky. – Watch it in HD only on!

Quality: HQ