Sadhu Miranda 2008

The movie starts off with a robbery of 20 crores in Pondicherry IDID Bank where a college girl is killed by one of the thieves. The same night as the robbery, the manager of the bank (Manivannan) commits suicide. After this the story opens up in Chennai where Shiva Sundaram (Prasanna) a visible foolish person comes in search of David Raj(Manoj K. Jayan) where he saves a girl from being raped by one of David Raj’s men. Then he confronts David and says that he came to get the stuff a.k.a. heroin from him saying that Moorthy told him to get it for Rs.10000/= and wants to sell it to Rs.20000/=.But David Raj understanding that he is a fool sends in 1 crore worth heroin without the knowledge of Shiva saying that there will be a call to the phone he gives and tells him to deliver it to the address the caller says and to be caught by the police with the buyer.But Shiva goes the wrong way and goes to see his friend Vellai (Karunas) where Vellai has taken money from a lender for interest to give to Shiva.At his place they open up the package and they both think it is toothpaste powder.Where Shiva says that he must get a call. Then with the money lending party they go to said place and the two people of the money lending party goes to the buyer and get the money but they are caught by the police. Then next day Shiva calls the T.V station where Priya works where he reveals that he is the brother of Ram Mohan (Abbas) and that Moorthy must call him else he would die jumping from the top of a building. Then the police arrive at the building to find that Moorthy has called him.From there knowing that Priya is a friend of Mohan he gets into her house saying that he is Ram Mohan’s brother.But after certain events Ram Mohan returns to India and finds his brother burning in a flat. After this Sundhara Moorthy surfaces and spills the beans about Ram Mohan to the family of Priya that her father the manager of IDID Bank was murdered by Ram Mohan and his brother because he found out that his bank was robbed by the two brothers and the college girl who was killed in that incident is his sister. From here onwards a fight happens between Sundara Moorthy and Ram Mohan where Sundara Moorthy wins. – Watch it in HD only on!

Genre: DramaThriller


Actors: , ,


Quality: HQ


IMDb: 6.2