Rebel 2012

Rishi (Prabhas) is the son of Bhupathi (Krishnam Raju). Rishi is influenced by his father’s ideals and grows up just like him. Bhupathi does not want his son to take up violence and sends him to Bangalore for studies and to learn music. There, Rishi falls for an orphan Deepali (Deeksha Seth) and brings her to his house. During the festivals held in their village, Simhadri (Pradeep Rawat) sends thugs to kill Bhupathi and his family, but Rishi eliminates all the thugs. Bhupathi’s brother Jairam (Mukesh Rishi) joins hands with Simhadri so they can kill Bhupathi, Bhupathi’s wife Lakshmi (Rama Prabha), and Deepali. Simhadri tells Rishi that a local goon helped Jairam kill Bhupathi and his family. Simhadri soon kills himself. Some of Bhupathi’s bodyguards are still alive, including Raju (Supreeth). They assist Rishi to get revenge. Two years later, Rishi discovers that a goon named Stephen (K. C. Shankar) was doing illegal business in Hyderabad for a very long time. – Watch it in HD only on!

Quality: HQ


IMDb: 4.6