Ra 2014

Renya, Ajay’s wife, had died mysteriously on the very first day of their marriage. Ajay started a quest to solve the mystery behind his wife’s death. Then, he went to a ghost hunter to ask a favor, to help him see his wife’s soul . The ghost hunter hypnotised him and sent him to another world as he traveled he tried to go through mysterious red door. After that he came to reality he explained what he had done in alternate world. The ghost hunter, after hearing him said that the red door was protected by a deadly monster, if anybody entered the red door, a big war would rise into action in the world, soon the world would be destroyed by the monster. A few days later some panoramal activities are observed at Ajay’s house. Then movie ends with some twist and horror scene. – Watch it in HD only on TamilPlay.to!

Genre: FantasyThriller


Actors: , ,


Quality: HQ


IMDb: 5.5