Pillayar Theru Kadasividu 2011

Ganesan (Jithan Ramesh) is a happy-go-lucky youth in a village. A great admirer of actor-director T. Rajendar, he spends time with his friends, such as Soori and a few others. This is ridiculed by his father (Jayaprakash). Ganesh’s life takes a turn when he comes across Sandhya (Sanchita Padukone). She is a friend of his sister, who comes on a vacation to the village. He admires her beauty and falls for her. When Ganesh gathers guts to open his heart to Sandhya, enters Valli (Suhasini), Ganesh’s uncle’s (Ilavarasu) daughter. Fearing her father will get her married to a local goon Durai (Bose Venkat), she decides to marry Ganesh. Suddenly, Sandhya falls ill, and Ganesh takes her to the hospital. He is shocked when the doctor (Prakash Raj) informs that she has pancreatic cancer and will die in a few months. Ganesh, in a bid to keep her happy until her death, marries her and comes home. He incurs his father’s wrath and is driven out of the house. However, a sudden twist in the plot causes the movie to end on an emotional note. – Watch it in HD only on TamilPlay.to!

Quality: HQ


IMDb: 4.4