Paarai 2003

Durairaj (Sarath Kumar) is a lorry driver who is tough as a nail. He had a bitter childhood, has no relatives or friends, and his only solace is Jayaram (Jayaram), his cleaner who is just the opposite of him. Jayaram is a happy-go-lucky guy who dotes on his wife Mallika (Meena), mother (Vadivukkarasi), and daughter, and dreams of making enough money to build a small house for his family. Durai and Jayaram share a special bond, as they understand each other well.

On his way to see his family, Jayaram dies in an accident, and Durai goes to his village with the body. There he finds that Jayaram’s family needs his help, and out of sympathy, he decides to settle there and build a small house according to his friend’s last wish. There he comes across a local landlord Vijayan (Vijayan), who cheats the illiterate villagers by giving them loans and later taking over their property. Then there is a tea shop owner Vasantha (Ramya Krishnan), on whom the entire men folk lust. But she is hardworking, and at the same time foul-mouthed and a terror. Vasantha’s brother, who is in love with Vijayan’s daughter, starts the fight between the Vijayan and Durai. Durai works hard to make a house for Mallika, and when the villagers suspect his good intentions, he proves to them that he has a sisterly affection towards her, as he has a soft corner for Vasantha. As the fight goes on for Durai and Vijayan, Vijayan destroys the house that Durai built for his friends. Of this anger, he tries to get revenge. How Durai wins over the villagers and fights against injustice against Vijayan and his son forms the rest of the story. – Watch it in HD only on!

Quality: HQ