Ninaive Oru Sangeetham 1987

Pasupon, right in the heart of the Tamil campaign. Marudhu (Vijayakanth), farmer with a big heart, stays the up its elder sister Vallikannu (Srividya) married to a good-for-nothing, Chinnukaruppandevar (Goundamani), as well as his niece, foster daughter, beautiful Pandhimeena (Radha). Because one day, Meena, accompanied with her mother, asks for an explanation to the one who deceives with his father, this one throws her of out of the house. Marudhu returns her in guaranteeing that she is from now on her partner. Inveterate amateur of poker, Chinnukaruppandevar loses all its lands with the Machiavellian Bairava (Radha Ravi). At the end of a fight with the latter, Marudhu takes advantage of this event to set the record straight to his brother-in-law. However, the disturbing piece of news of the cholera rages around. Sandhiya (Rekha), doctor, who preventively wanted to inoculate the farmers, is repulsed by Marudhu and his friends. He is taken at the post of police for disorders to the service to the public. Sandhiya returns in the village, firmly decided to continue, defying the ignorance and the inhospitality of the inhabitants. Marudhu continues to putting obstacles in its way to her, by burning the tent where she sheltered. The doctor sets to keep her cool. This is when bursts a violent thunderstorm. Marudhu was eaten up with remorse, he returns to look for Sandhiya to put her under cover. The next day, he puts him a new tent. The young woman, sensitive to all these attentions, eventually falls in love with the farmer and mutually. Marudhu learns by Gowryshankar, the sad episode, where Sandhiya had to be her daughter-in-law and finally it did not come true because his son left in the lurch them at the last moment. Since the old man denied him and set under his wing Sandhiya. Marudhu promises to him at this moment, when she will be his wife, to the immense happiness of this one. But Meena surprises the lovers without their knowledge. Later, Marudhu explains to Meena and to her elder sister, the tragic past of Sandhiya and cannot thus start again, at the moment its word. Sandhiya would not support a new sentimental failure. Discouraged because lover also and for a long time, from her part, Meena pretended to poison itself and asks as ultimate wish before dying, of being the wife of Marudhu. What realizes the farmer and discovers right after that, the trickery. Trapped, he summons the assembly of the wise men of the village which cuts in favour of Meena. Complaining very often of violent headaches which Meena handled with casualness, the specialists diagnose her very fast a brain tumor. She is condemned in the very short term. Only at the beginning, Marudhu is in the confidence, not even the concerned knows. Marudhu tries to behave “normally”. He informs Sandhiya who, then, does the same with the sister of Marudhu there. But in front of the misfortune which strikes them, each makes a step towards the other one. Marudhu which did not speak anymore with her sister, becomes reconciled. Chinnukaruppandevar égoïte still not for so long that it, metamorphoses into good man. Marudhu fulfills all the desires of his wife Meena. At the time of giving up the ghost, he makes him understand that he likes by recognizing, by confirming that she is her wife. The burial of ended Meena, Marudhu turns to Sandhiya to admit him that he can never love another woman so much the memory, the music of his Meena, it are profoundly printed in him. – Watch it in HD only on!

Genre: Comedy


Actors: ,


Quality: HQ


IMDb: 5.9