Nannbenda 2015

Sathya is an unemployed youth from Thanjavur] who goes to Trichy every month to meet his old childhood friend Sivakozhundhu, who is a hotel manager and spend his day with the latter’s salary. One such time, he meets Ramya, a bank manager, and falls in love with her. He believes that if he sees a girl three times a day casually, she will be her lucky lady. He meets Ramya twice and goes all over Trichy with Sivakozhundhu in search of her. He decides to stay there that night. Just before 12:00, he sees Ramya celebrating her birthday in the hostel opposite to Sivakozhundhu’s room. The next day, he proposes to her in her bank.
Meanwhile, Sivakozhundhu decides to send Sathya off by all means. Sathya is in turn appointed as Sivakozhundhu’s assistant in a 2.5 star hotel, where Sivakozhundhu worked as a manager earlier. To improve their hotel’s condition, he asks for a loan from Ramya’s bank and uses it. The hotel is developed. One day, Sathya and Ramya are chased by thugs, who are the henchmen of a lady whom Ramya chucked out of the hostel as she had stolen other’s valuables. Sathya saves Ramya from the thugs. The next day, Ramya tells him that she had once committed a murder and has gone to prison for the offense. This frightens Sathya, but Ramya says that once in Chennai, she was chased by a dog, whose owner is her former boss. She kicks the dog and it dies, but the Blue Cross members see this and take Ramya to court, where she is imprisoned for 10 days and fined Rs.5000 for killing the dog. Sathya laughs at this. Ramya is hurt and asks him to get out of the station or else she would go out of town. That night, Sathya and Sivakozhundhu decide to commit a crime and go to prison so that they could understand the pain of being in prison. They get heavily drunk and beat up “Scorpio” Shankar, a local don. – Watch it in HD only on!

Quality: HQ


IMDb: 3.5