Naiyaandi 2013

This story begins with Chinna Vandu’s (Dhanush) brothers Paranjothi (Sriman) and Paranthavan (Sathyan), who are not yet married, despite their old age. Chinna Vandu, who studied in his uncle’s son home, falls in love with Vanaroja (Nazriya Nazim), who comes there to visit her grandmother (Sachu) and see the village festival. Chinna Vandu finds many ways to make Vanaroja fall in love, such as making her laugh, but she still does not fall in love with him. During the village festival, Vanaroja’s ring goes missing, so her father Poongavanam (Aadukalam Naren) comes there and tells everyone to find the ring for a reward of 1 lakh. Only Chinna Vandu finds it in front of Vanaroja, but he gives the ring to a poor lady to claim the prize, as Vanaroja does not like him. Seeing this, Vanaroja falls in love with him. Chinna Vandu makes a challenge to himself: to know whether Vanaroja’s in love or not. He gets to know that Vanaroja is also in love with him.
Vanaroja leaves the village to her home but upon reaching, she finds her father has arranged for her engagement with Krishna (Vamsi Krishna) and is getting married with Krishna on her birthday. Chinna Vandu comes to wish her for her birthday on that night and comes to know about the engagement. They both escape from Krishna and his henchmen. Chinna Vandu tells his cousin Soori (Soori) he has eloped with Vanaroja and asks him to come and meet them. Soori tries to find a way for Chinna Vandu to live with Vanaroja, but Chinna Vandu tells him he has already married her. Soori tells them to hide their marriage and go to his family in Kumbukonam. Soori brings Vanaroja to Chinna Vandu’s house, saying she is an orphan. His family accepts her in, but Chinna Vandu’s brothers start to love Vanaroja. Chinna Vandu comes there and makes sure his brothers do not marry her. After some days, their mother (Meera Krishnan) finds that Vanaroja is pregnant and throws her out of the house. Meanwhile, Krishna’s men find Vanaroja and kidnap her. Chinna Vandu finds Vanaroja captured by Krishna and follows him. He goes in a fight and wins, but Chinna Vandu is caught by his whole family, and his father Sambandham (Pyramid Natarajan) does not accept this, but Poongavanam comes and tells Sambandham that his daughter’s life needs to be happy, and so finally he accepts their relationship. – Watch it in HD only on!

Genre: ComedyRomance


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Quality: HQ


IMDb: 2.9