Motu Patlu King of Kings 2016

The movie opens in the circus, where the people gathered to watch the show of a lion named Guddu. But the circus had a fire accident and Guddu runs loose around the city which causes the citizens run in terror. However Motu rescues his city from the lion by eating samosas and caged the lion. Motu asks about the lion. The lion explained and requested them to put him in the forest. But Chingam officer says to put him in the national park. Meanwhile, in the forest the animals were enjoying. Three monster cars captured some animals so the animals sought the help of the lion. however lion manages to rescue the animals and they ran off. But a man named Narsimha manages to arrest the lion and some other animals. A girl from his gang slaps him with the mosquito bat. meanwhile Motu and patlu takes the lion in a jeep and rests in a forest. it became night. Morning Narsimha came down from the helicopter and teased the lion. It became so angry. Narsimha blackmailed the Lion and he cut the rope of the caged vehicle and the vehicle is about to fall from the hill. but lion manages to escape and rescues the animals. the animals made them run away from that place. meanwhile, guddu thinking to escape from there. so he acts like a dead lion and manages to escape. – Watch it in HD only on!

Genre: Comedy


Actors: ,


Quality: HQ


IMDb: 7.5