Masani 2013

The movie takes place in a village in the Salem District where various sculptors come to make a statue. The village head (Sarath Babu) and his wife Rajeshwari (Roja) try to bring in sculptors to complete the statue. However, anyone who comes for the job is driven out of the village by a ghost. The villagers decide to entrust the job to another big man Devanna Gounder (Aadukalam Naren). Trouble erupts between the two families. A flashback reveals the reason for this. Vettri (Ramki) and Masaani (Iniya) make their appearances, where the audience learns of their love for one another. Agitated, Rajeshwari kills Vettri. Masaani dies delivering a boy named Vishva (Akhil). Vishva grows up and comes to the village to finish the task. – Watch it in HD only on!

Genre: ActionThriller


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Quality: HQ