Mahaan Kanakku 2011

‘Mahaan Kanakku’ is a quality entertainer that graced Tamil cinema in recent times. The film stars Ramana and Richa Sinha in the lead roles and is helmed by Sampath, with music by AK Rishal Sai. Norway Tamil Film Festival – Tamilar Awards 2012 The film Mahaan Kanakku is about one problem that most people from the middle class have faced directly or indirectly. The issue is how the private banks in the country take ride on their customers, who are put to untold miseries. Ramana plays a MBA graduate who wages a battle against them. Filmmaker Sampath Arumugham seems to have gone the Shankar way in his maiden venture Mahaan Kanakku. In a nutshell, it is an individual’s crusade against the alleged high-handedness of some private banks in the country that fleece the borrowers in the name of interest. He has not made it very preachy. Ramana’s patience and perseverance seems to have been rewarded with Mahaan Kanakku. Check out the Tamil Movie Review – Mahaan Kanakku Jeeva (Ramana) is a happy-go-lucky youngster. He leads a contended life in Coimbatore with his siter Janaki (Devadarshini) and her husband Vardharajan (Srinath). For Jeeva’s higher education, Varadharajan obtains loand from OCOC bank. Though he repays the loan, for no reason he is harassed by bank officials and collection agents. He is humiliated by them at his workplace and his residence too. Unable to bear their tortures, Varadharajan commits suicide with his family. Only after their death, Jeeva comes to know about the incident. He now vows to teach these private banks a lesson. Jeeva lands in Chennai with a mission now. He fakes his identity and uses all loopholes in the legal systems and borrows huge money from banks. One fine day without repaying them, he disappears. Ow the bank officials run behind him. Eventually he is caught and brought to a special court where he throws light on the attractiveness of these banks and gives a call that private banks be nationalized for they have spelt doom on many families. The director deserves praise for his guts to handle such serious theme. But at no point it goes preachy or dull. His crisp dialogues add strength. Three cheers to the filmmaker for handling a theme like this. He promises a lot and hopefully delivers more in days to come – Watch it in HD only on!

Genre: Drama


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Quality: HQ