London 2005

Shiva Raman (Prashanth), an easy-going young man, comes to London in search of a job, but he loses all of his certificates. He finds Kathiravan (Pandiarajan) wandering in London aimlessly without a job. Now, they both need jobs and money. Kathir persuades Shiva to join a bank robbery planned by Bhaskharan (Manivannan). His stammering brother Natrajan (Mayilsamy) and Aishwarya (Mumtaj), who is the former’s lover, lands them in more trouble, as the robbery ends vainly. Aishwarya informs the police about the robbery and tells that the entire plan was hatched by Bhaskar. Bhaskar hides the money before getting arrested, and the place is known only to his lawyer Vedimuthu (Vadivelu). Aishwarya fakes to be in love with Vedimuthu to find where the money is hidden.
Meanwhile, to find a safe cover, Shiva and Kathir plan to imitate Saravanan, the grandson of a rich elderly couple: Shiva Kumar (Vijayakumar) and his wife Parvathi (Srividya). They have not seen their grandchild since his birth. Shiva and Kathir end up disguising Kadhir’s body and Shiva’s voice to make up for Saravanan in front of the blind couple. Ganesh (Delhi Ganesh), who knows Kathir before, makes several attempts to expose the truth to the couple, but all fails, due to Shiva and Kadhir’s luck. All of a sudden, Anjali (Ankitha) arrives in the disguise of Saravanan’s lover. She calls on all the relatives of Shiva Kumar and Parvathi. The relatives arrive in Shiva’s absence. Finding no way out, Kathir pretends to have fainted unconscious, and he gets admitted to the hospital. Shiva comes to his rescue, and says that he is Dr. Karthikeyan, a friend of Saravanan from America…. – Watch it in HD only on!

Quality: HQ


IMDb: 4.2