Kicha Vayasu 16 2005

Kicha Vayasu, a man known as the Collector, returns to his childhood city of Nagercoil to demolish an old school, which he recognises as his former school. His reminiscences of his school days in Nagercoil form the main theme of the film.
The film then transitions to when Kicha is a 16-year-old boy. After Nirmala, a teacher whom Kicha has a crush on becomes the headmistress of their school, Kicha, who often teases people around him, becomes very well-behaved towards Nirmala. Because of this, he often garners her support. However, Kicha, being his usual self, begins leading a group of errant boys who perform various misdemeanors around their town. This includes stealing and selling dishes from the school and eating in hotel restaurants without paying the bill.
Kicha and his friends are finally caught when they attempt to escape after not paying a hotel bill. The hotel owner thrashes them so thoroughly that the other boys inform the owner on Kicha and claim that he taught them to do such things. When the boys’ parents are notified of this, many become angry, claiming that Kicha has misled their children and made them wayward. – Watch it in HD only on!

Genre: Drama


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Quality: HQ