Kalabha Kadhalan 2006

Newly married couple Akhilan (Arya) and Anbarasi (Renuka Menon) shift to their new house in Chennai. They live a happy life, even though their marriage was not love based at first. Soon, Anbarasi’s family came to visit them and left Anbarasi’s sister Kanmani (Akshaya), as she wants to pursue her studies in multimedia. As Kanmani stays with Anbarasi and Akhilan in the same house, she begins to develop feelings for Akhilan. Akhilan does not want to hurt his wife, who has now given birth. He seeks advice from a doctor on how to solve his problem. The doctor tells him to try and marry Kanmani off to her male cousin. Following Akhilan’s advice, Kanmani’s cousin decides to marry Kanmani, but she rejects him. One day, Kanmani’s cousin kidnaps her, rapes her, and leaves her at Akhilan’s apartment. This shocks everyone in the family, especially Akhilan. He admits to Kanmani about his action, and also told that the raping plan was not his advice. The whole family forces Kanmani to marry her cousin. The next morning, Kanmani committed suicide and died. Akhilan and Anbarasi, with their infant, go back to her village. Anbarasi’s aunt hits Kanmani’s husband as she thinks it was because of him Kanmani died. Akhilan, standing right beside him, was guilty because it was he who planned all this to avoid Kanmani disturbing his married life. – Watch it in HD only on TamilPlay.to!

Genre: RomanceThriller


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Quality: HQ


IMDb: 4.9