Kadal Pookal 2001

Karuthayya (Murali) and Peter (Manoj Bharathiraja) are the best of friends, sharing with each other their hopes and dreams. Karuthayya’s plan to get his beloved sister Kayal (Umashankari) married elsewhere is thwarted when he learns that she is in love with Peter. He hears this from Uppili (Pratyusha), who has a soft corner for Karuthayya and vice versa. For his sister’s sake, Karuthayya approaches Peter with the marriage proposal. A shocked Peter, who had all along shared an easy relationship with Kayal, consents for the sake of friendship. Peter then makes a counter proposal that Karuthayya marry his sister Maria. Peter however withholds the fact that Maria had been seduced by a man from the city and was carrying his child. Family honor being uppermost in his mind, friendship takes a back seat. But Peter does not know that Karuthayya was already aware of his sister’s affair, though not of her pregnancy. Karuthayya, knowing his friend’s aggressive nature, had not told Peter about the matter earlier. Karuthayya now throws the ball back in Peter’s court, asking him to first get Maria’s consent. Sure that Maria would not give her consent for the marriage. But to his shock Maria agrees.
Forced by her mother and Peter to toe the line, she had no other option. The two pairs get married. While Peter and Kayal are blissfully happy, Karuthayya and Maria have their own crosses to bear. A guilt-stricken Maria finally confesses to Karuthayya about Peter’s treacherous act. A shocked and hurt Karuthayya goes to confront Peter. The man from the city appears on the scene. A furious Peter takes the unsuspecting youth on a boat ride, ties a stone on him, and dumps him into the sea. Karuthayya, who reaches the place, tries to save the guy. – Watch it in HD only on TamilPlay.to!

Genre: Drama


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Quality: HQ