Junction 2002

Kannan (Abhinay) is a carefree college student and always hangs out with his group of friends. They spent much of their time smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, eve teasing the college girls, making fun of the teachers and loitering around the campus after school. Kannan is also a hardcore fan of cinema actress Meera (Kanishka Sodhi). Vinay (Vinayak Raj), the senior student, is a womaniser who spoiled the lives of many girls and ragged Kannan for no particular reason. After initial clashes between Kannan and his classmate Jennifer (Aamna Sharif), they eventually fall in love with each other. Meera is a philanthropist who helps the poor and orphan children whenever she gets a chance. One day, Jennifer won a contest to meet Meera but she gives the opportunity to her lover Kannan. Kannan then spends one day with his favourite actress Meera, Meera is therefore attracted by his friendly approach and humorous speech, thus she befriends him. Kannan realizes that she is a genuine and a very humble person. The young Kannan was motivated by his friends to sleep with Meera. Kannan then openly asks her to have sex with him, Meera takes him in her bedroom and asks him to choose between sex and friendship. Kannan chooses friendship and apologizes to her. – Watch it in HD only on TamilPlay.to!

Genre: Drama


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Quality: HQ