Irukku Aana Illai 2014

The movie begins in a bar, where an aspiring director meets his friends. One of his friend, Meenakshi Sundaram (Aadhavan) says he has a beautiful horror story script from his own experience and narrates what happened in his friend’s life.
Venkat (Vivanth), is a software engineer who is unlucky in whatever he does and is a sore loser. He is often taunted by his colleagues and is a loner. His only friend is Meenakshi Sundaram. One day, his boss at work admonishes him in front of the whole office for his performance, so in sadness he gets drunk that night and is involved in an automobile accident, where a young girl Divya (Eden), is killed. He panics and leaves the place and goes to his house. – Watch it in HD only on!

Genre: ComedyDramaHorror


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Quality: HQ