Iru Kodugal 1969

Gopinath (Gemini Ganesan) falls in love with Janaki (Sowcar Janaki) and they get married in Kasi. The marriage is not accepted by Gopinath’s mother and the couple gets separated. Janaki is pregnant and her father (V. S. Raghavan), realising that no man will marry Janaki a second time, decides to make her a collector. Gopinath meanwhile had moved to South India, where he later married Jaya (Jayanthi) by hiding his previous marriage. They live a happy life with their three children and Jaya’s father. Gopinath works as a clerk in the collector’s office. A new collector arrives at the office, and it turns out to be Janaki. They tend to work together, until one of the employees in Janaki’s office, Babu (Nagesh), spreads a rumour stating that there is an affair between Janaki and Gopinath. This rumour reaches Jaya and she is completely disturbed. Jaya discovers the secret of Gopinath’s affair with Janaki. Meanwhile, the sons of both Janaki and Jaya, Ramu and Prabhakar drowned in water and have been admitted to Hospital. Somehow Jaya manages the disturbance of the secret and accepts Janaki as her sister. But Ramu dies in hospital while Prabhakar survives. Jaya gives Janaki her son as a gift. Janaki and Prabhakar leave for abroad as Janaki got her duty abroad. – Watch it in HD only on!

Genre: Drama


Actors: ,


Quality: HQ


IMDb: 7.4