Ippadai Vellum 2017

Chotta (Daniel Balaji) is a terrorist, known for bombing various places in the past. He is currently jailed in a prison in Uttar Pradhesh, India. He escapes the jail by planting a bomb there and moves to various cities across India, while planting bombs everywhere, killing many people. His next target is Chennai and he heads towards the city to complete his mission. He often takes lifts from various vehicles across the highway. He communicates with his associates using a Gmail account, by composing his messages, saving them as drafts and providing the login details to his associates, who login later and delete the drafts meant for them after reading. Thus, their IP addresses remains untraced. The police issue a red-alert across the country and issue an order to arrest Chotta, all over India. His photo is faxed to all the police stations, who begin their search. – Watch it in HD only on TamilPlay.to!

Quality: HQ


IMDb: 5.9