Inba Twinkle Lilly 2018

Inba’s college going granddaughter Ashmitha is suffering from a serious health problem and she is in need of money costing to amount of about 6 lakhs. Inba along with her close friends Twinkle and Lilly cooperate together to raise money and while depositing money in the bank, they end up losing it due to bank robbery led by a terrorist (Mansoor Ali Khan) and his gang. The bank manager (Chithra Lakshmanan) refuses to help the trio as the money was not deposited at the time of the robbery. Then they find themselves in under tremendous pressure to raise money to rescue Ashmitha and the grannies hatch a plan to rob the bank where they lost their money along with China (Manobala). Then police and media covers the bank. After a lot of struggle they come out safely. Afterwards they get to know Ashmita has no disease but is stuck in a big problem. The problem is a gang which takes bad videos of women and asks money. But the video of ashmita is uploaded for not giving money. How they save Ashmita’s life forms the rest of the plot. – Watch it in HD only on!

Quality: HQ