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Surya (Ram Pothineni) is a carefree youth who lives with his father Narayana Murthy (Sathyaraj). He loves his father and is very protective of him. When they visit the temple, Murthy meets a disciplined and valued girl named Bhanumathi (Raashi Khanna) whom he wishes which house she will enter it, would be very lucky. This is noticed by Surya, and he decides to marry only her just for his father’s wish. He wants 50,000 for a delivery operation. He gets 40,000 from his friends and meets Bhanumathi (unaware that she is the same girl) and falls for her, but he does not do it because of the temple girl. He fools her and takes the remaining 10,000 from her. She tells that her father (Posani Krishna Murali) thinks that money should be with us till last, and he even makes her wear glasses on the rationale that no one would fall in love with her if she looks like an aunty. She is taken by Surya’s attitude of enjoying life to the fullest. He takes her to the delivery he helped the couple’s house. They ask him to name the baby, which he names Bhanumathi because she gave the remaining 10,000, which makes Bhanumathi fall for him. She proposes to him but is rejected because of the temple girl (which is herself but she does not know it). Surya reciprocates it when he discovers that she is the same girl. As everything was going correct, Minister Rajappa (Rao Ramesh) troubles Murthy to get his signature for a file. Murthy objects for this signature and lands in deep trouble. Surya solves the problem. Murthy retires happily, giving the credit of his happiness to Surya. Surya later marries Bhanumathi and lives happily. – Watch it in HD only on TamilPlay.to!

Genre: ActionDrama


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IMDb: 5.6