Engamma Rani 2017

Thulasi takes Meera to a hill station, where the girl starts behaving mysteriously. Thulasi soon learns that Meera is possessed by a spirit. The spirit was of a girl’s who once resided in the hotel with her father. Once her father gets a lump amount as he had a profit,but his friend gets to know and he blackmails him by saying that he kidnapped his daughter and her father unknowingly gives his friend and he doesn’t who the guy was blackmailing he tells this to his friend without knowing he was the one who blackmailed him. He says to his friend that he us going to lodge a complaint his friend suggests him not to but the father proceeds,while having lunch with his only daughter unknown to him and his daughter the food is mixed with poison and his friend brings a local gang and makes the murder look like a suicide,and the spirit narrates to thulasi in the midst thulasi learns that if the spirit stays in her daughter’s body her daughter will survive so she pleads the spirit stay and even the spirit agrees but the guy learns this he goes to kill thulasi and her child but instead he slips from the cliff and the spirit apologies as this was her wish and thus leaves thulasi’s body and thulasi wants to see her daughter live so she calls the doctor and requests him to take her daughter along with him to India and leave her daughter in her hometown and says she will soon leave all and commits suicide so that as a spirit she can enter her body in order to save her from her disease. – Watch it in HD only on TamilPlay.to!

Genre: Action


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Quality: HQ


IMDb: 6.2