Don 2007

The story begins when a teen named Suri escapes and finds a drug dealer tormenting some little boys. Suri guns down the drug dealer. One of the boys, Raghava/Jadhav, expresses his wish to join him. The rest of the boys become Suri’s helpers and eventually his henchmen. The film continues 20 years later with Suri (Akkineni Nagarjuna) and Raghava/Jadhav (Raghava Lawrence), and with the establishment of the fact that Suri is the don with a golden heart. Then, he has Raghava/Jadhav as his sidekick who adores him to death. Together, they rule the underworld of Andhra Pradesh. Since Suri is the unopposed kingpin, he has time for a song and dance on his birthday with his basti people. Everything is peaceful and hunky dory, but only until Stephen/Feroz (Kelly Dorji) enters the scene. He is a feared don throughout India who wants to add Andhra to his underworld fiefdom. Suri refuses to work with Stephen/Feroz. In many attempts to kill Suri, Stephen’s/Feroz’s men get killed. Rathnam (Kota Srinivasa Rao) wants to kill Raghava/Jadhav. Raghava/Jadhav kills Rathnam because the latter hosted a hideout for Stephen’s/Feroz’s men in Hyderabad. Meanwhile, Suri falls in love with Priya (Anushka Shetty). At first, she doesn’t like him but later begins to like him. Raghava/Jadhav also finds a girl he likes. In that process, he is cornered, where his fiancé Nandhini (Nikita Thukral) ends up being on the villains side. Raghava/Jadhav is killed. In a final meet between Suri and Stephen/Feroz, the latter returns Raghava’s/Jadhav’s bullet-ridden body and challenges Suri to a fight on the condition that ‘A person will lose two of his men for each fall he takes’. Angered and heartbroken by Raghava’s/Jadhav’s death, Suri accepts his challenge. As the fight progresses, Suri loses two of his men. Determined to win, Suri continues the fight and thrashes up Stephen/Feroz and his two well-trained women bodyguards. The fight ends with Stephen/Feroz getting killed by Suri, and he warns Stephen’s/Feroz’s remaining men not to be like their boss. – Watch it in HD only on!

Quality: HQ


IMDb: 5.4