Coolie 1995

Radharavi is a very rich businessman and has industry with lot of workers. Radharavi bribes the workers union leader Ponambalam if any protest rises from the workers union. Ponambalam cheats the workers by telling the workers that the salary will increase by 5%, but they don’t give up till 7% increase and again the workers stand on the ground protesting. Meanwhile, Ponambalam goes inside alone and gets brandy from Radharavi and again comes out telling now at least 6% increase in salary is agreed by Radharavi and thus tries to settle the protest. Here Sharat Kumar interferes and says that 20% increase is needed. For this whole worker union support Sharat Kumar and make him the leader. Sharat Kumar has a sister who is a close friend to Meena, the daughter of Radharavi. Meena loves Sharat Kumar seeing his good character. Radharavi is very angry with Sharat Kumar already, but tries to change him to be friendly and be like Ponambalam. Radharavi invites Sharat Kumar to the party as Sharat is the new union leader. At the party, Sharat is given a big car and already was given a good clothes to wear for the party. Sharat likes the car and takes the car key and drives the car and damages the car. Sharat also throws away the clothes and says that he prefers to be a poor man till others are given the same offer and comes out of the party. Radharavi has a son who finished studies and come to support him in business. The son of Radharavi falls in love with Sharat Kumar’s sister. – Watch it in HD only on!

Quality: HQ