Citizen 2001

Arivanandham is a man who runs a shop. He kidnaps three government officials and tells the press his name is Citizen by changing his appearance to their jobs. Meanwhile, CBI Officer Sarojini is given the case of finding the officials and capturing Citizen. She finds evidence that they link to a village called Atthipatti. She goes to a place, where they keep old maps of India. She notices that from 1970-80, the village was missing. She then inquires a Church Father who knows about Atthipatti. He gives them a box full of evidence about the village. She then discovers that the people of Atthipatti are under a old river, which is a construction site. She orders her men to dig it up, and they find corpses. Sarojini finds links to Arivadhanam but cannot identify him. Arivadhanam kidnaps the third man but is stuck in traffic. Sarojini is also in traffic. To clear the traffic, Arivadhanam creates a problem and sorts it out by donning a traffic inspector’s identity. Sarojini drops her handkerchief while in her car, then Arivadhanam swaps it with a paper and gives it to her. She accepts it, then Arivadhanam phones her and tells her she met with Citizen. Outraged, Sarojini decides to ambush his hideout. They track down his location, but he is nowhere to be found. They find masks, computers, and newspaper cuttings. Sarojini finds Arivadhanam in a mosque and arrests him. Arivadhanam is taken to court and is inquired about why he kidnapped the officials. He retells his memory. – Watch it in HD only on!

Quality: HQ


IMDb: 7.1