Cheran Pandiyan 1991

Vijayakumar is the rich head of the village (Manicheran Gounder) with his wife Manjula and his beautiful daughter Srija. He is a person of who strictly adheres to the caste. Sarathkumar is also a rich landlord in the same village. Though the father of both Vijayakumar and Sarathkumar are one but Sarathkumar’s mother was from a lower caste. So Vijayakumar always ignores and berates Sarathkumar. Their father, before dying divided his entire property equally between the 2 families. Yet Vijayakumar’s family gets first respect within the circle. The house of their father was equally split into exact 2 halves. Anandbabu who is a relative of Sarathkumar comes to meet him in the village and falls in love with Srija. Vijayakumar comes to know about this and he makes arrangements for Srija’s marriage with K.S.Ravikumar, son of Nagesh. At the end Vijayakumar becomes a good person with the advice of Manjula and a happy end of Anandbabu marrying Srija. – Watch it in HD only on!