Beiimaan Love 2016

Sunaina announces at their company stage programme that Daniel is the man behind her success. At the programme reception area, Businessman father and son Raj meet Sunaina and walks out of the area. At home, the Raj’s father sits in anger and tells his son to allow him to be alone. Son in law Naresh tells Raj is the cause for the business loss their father is facing now. Raj now goes to Sunaina house angry where securities try to stop Raj. Sunaina tells he still loves Raj. Raj tells now its late and leaves the house. Sunaina watches Raj leaving. Scene shifts back to a night pub. Sunaina comes to attend her friend Natasha birthday party. Raj fully drunk tries to embrace Sunaina who protest against but Raj again tries to hug Sunaina. Now Sunaina beats on Raj face. Raj full of anger tells Naresh that he will take revenge and want to find out that girl. Finally Sunaina is seen coming out of office by Raj who now realise she working in their company. Now Raj bets Naresh he will be slave if he cannot act as lover and later betray Sunaina. Raj now acts like a changed man and hard working for the company in front of Sunaina. Finally Sunaina falls in love with Raj. The day comes where Raj lies with Sunaina in his house and Raj father finds out their love and tries to arrange for marriage. Raj wanted to cheat Sunaina but as his father and grandmother now ready for their marriage, Raj agrees for marriage. At marriage day, Sunaina mother is found out by Raj father’s friend as a prostitute, Raj father tells to stop the marriage, now Raj confess he wanted to reject her after acting as a lover. Hearing this Sunaina become very angry and leaves with her mother away from the marriage area. Mother commits suicide. Sunaina now fully sad gets support from Daniel. Sunaina become a successful business woman shown as getting a Canadian company business deal overcoming Raj’s father’s business deal with the company. Raj’s father tries to arrange marriage between Raj and his business cum alcohol drinking friend’s daughter. But after a party Raj finds the daughter to be a senseless and shameless lady trying to have body contact dance with another guy. Finally Raj realise Sunaina was a good girl and come back to Sunaina house and again start love with Sunaina . Here Sunaina act as loving but finally one day Sunaina tells she hate him. Last scene Raj is shown mad sitting on road side. Now Sunaina come in a big car and sees Raj sitting mad become sad but after thinking the past marriage day Raj confession and her mother suicide, Sunaina close her car and move forward. – Watch it in HD only on!

Quality: HQ


IMDb: 2.9