Adhe Kangal 2017

Varun Murali (Kalaiyarasan) is a well-known blind chef and the owner of a popular restaurant in Chennai. One night, Deepa (Sshivada) visits his restaurant asking for leftover food for homeless. Varun helps her and eventually falls in love with her daily visits. Meanwhile, Varun’s close relative, Sadhana alias ‘Sadhu’ (Janani Iyer) approaches his parents and reveals her intentions of marrying Varun, which they accept.
Varun decides to propose to Deepa in his restaurant, but he observes that she is in tears. She tells him that henchmen were pressing for their money and her father had promised to return the money in three days. Varun promises to help out from his own savings. On the same night, Varun is met with an accident and is hospitalized, during which his vision is restored. He is treated for three weeks and the hospital fee is paid out of his savings. Varun feels guilty and is disappointed for not helping out Deepa. When he is discharged, he is unable to locate her. When his family presses him to marry Sadhana, he agrees as he also likes her from his childhood days. – Watch it in HD only on!

Quality: HQ


IMDb: 7.3